The basics of awareness is found in the realization that as humans we are dualistic in nature, our psychological make-up is based on opposites. This is reflected in the physical realm as well. Humans have negative and positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors; negative is considered bad and positive good. Within the misconception that we are our thoughts and body, the negative is suppressed and the positive acclaimed. The suppression of negative feelings spring the exaggeration of the positive creating a false sense of reality that results in unhealthy consequences. No one can be all good or all bad without having unhealthy consequences. The key is to create a balance within the opposites – a healthy middle ground. Life is about change and balance.

The implementation of Transformational Awareness (Tr. A) comprises the following components:

A Tr. A Self-Help Workbook – Includes the basics of the Tr. A concept, written for personal application at own pace and understanding See Tr. A work book page.

 A onetime psycho-educational in nature intervention – The basics of transformational awareness are reviewed; the actual process, the possible outcomes and the benefits are discussed in detail. This can be done over the phone.

 Psycho-educational counseling provided on a weekly basis or as needed – The counseling is aimed to work directly on the blockages that lack of self-awareness has caused and need to be brought to light to begin the process of acknowledging that as humans we have negative and positive emotions.  Tools are learned to gradually learn how to be aware of what we are thinking and how to create the space within our minds to assess the centering of thoughts that will translate into a healthy responses – there is no time limit; however, a set of sessions can be established to minimize cost.

Psycho-educational group counseling – Small groups may be provided based on clients that have experienced at least one intervention or in addition to individual counseling. Groups are interactive as well as didactic, practical exercises to “feel” awareness are taught.

Psycho-educational workshops / seminars – A curriculum is available to provide workshops / seminars to promote the understanding and application of Transformational Awareness (Tr. A).

Feel free to contact me for a consultation or questions you may have, Raul Gordillo at 954-647-8827 or e-mail me at

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