Social Conditioning


The KeyFor all of us there is the tendency to believe that we are our body and mind, although all of us have some kind of a feeling that we have to be more. Life can be so busy and while we are young concentrating in our minds and bodies take so much time that we do not make the effort to discover that in fact we are more than our bodies and minds. The purpose of this article is to provide the information, and perhaps ignite the desire for you to search for that feeling that you always had if you are not already doing it. For me it was like finding a key to open the door to the answers to all the questions I ever had. Conscious awakening is when you make up your mind to search for that feeling you always had and realize that you can be enlightened every minute that you choose to and feel the inner peace that has always been there.

The social conditioning which is neither good nor bad also is a deterrent to search for what is beyond our minds and bodies. For many aspects of our lives we need social conditioning but knowing that it is social conditioning makes a difference, when we think we are the social conditioning it becomes a hindrance to expand our minds into the feelings of our spirit, the energy that we are. We all go through this period but sooner or later when the social conditioning reveals itself we develop the need for something else and we begin our search. The search is to realize that our life’s purpose is not about doing but being. Being the spirit, energy that we are and unfolding our human experience as we realize our true essence. Then we learned that enlightenment is not something we obtain by doing but by feeling our essence in the now. We can be enlightened every moment if we relate to the feeling within ourselves.

Some of us do not fit into the social conditioning and sometimes not understanding it becomes a problem to live in it because we had not discover anything else yet; here is when some of us feel so unhappy, develop addictions, and other difficulties but sooner or later there is that light that shines and makes us see that it is okay if we do not fit the norm. Probably at the end no one really fits the norm but we have different ways to live in it. The reality is that whether we think we fit in the norm or not, the search for that feeling will appear no matter what. The tendency to wake up from the illusion of the norm will emerge and it will depend on us if at that time we begin our search and if we do becomes an ongoing journey that happens in the now. We learned that enlightenment is a feeling not a thought.

In those moments that you feel your true nature, your spirit, the energy that you are and feel enlightened because you are, at the same time you feel your connection to other humans, the universe and the entire cosmos. We can choose a conscious awakening and find the key to the door to the questions we felt but were not ready to answer. Some times in the midst of our illnesses or addictions we wake up and realize that we are not the social conditioning, we are part of the cosmos. You and I are cosmic energy, we can transform but we cannot be created or destroyed. We simply are. As cosmic energy we can join and enter other fields, when our spirit enters the physical body, it gives our body life but the physical field is form that is initiated and terminated, the spirit is eternal.  Once reunited the physical energies constitutes the lower realm and beyond the body is our higher energy. We can say that below the heart resonates with earthy matters and above the heart with divine matters.

When we become aware of our physical and divine energy, we understand the balance we must create by living in the moment.  At first to create this balance moment by moment appears so difficult, but as individuals make up their mind to do it, the first tool that is available is to develop the awareness of what we are. Our breath is essential in staying alert and maintaining our awareness in the present and all there is in our existence. It is like we are giants interconnected with the universe and we have a tendency to concentrate in the tiny creature that our body composes. We can learn to stay aware by doing balancing exercises with our breath. Our breath is the most practical tool to become aware that we are the universe, we are cosmic beings, we are divine energy, whatever we like to call it; we are much more than our body and mind.

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