The unfortunate illusion that we are our body and mind places all of us in a box where we deny our essence, and condemned ourselves to a limited existence without knowing it. The limitations of the box we are condemned to, it is an analogy for the social conditioning we all undergo. The social conditioning itself does not condemn us to a limited existence, when we think we are the social conditioning is when we are limited; we lose our purpose and we become a thinking, doing machine, but we do not know why we are thinking or why we are doing. One day, from so much thinking and doing we feel so empty within ourselves and we do not understand why.

We might become ill, and we feel like victims or we become angry. Through the social conditioning we become part of the madness of this world. The emotional balance that is within us because we are spiritual beings is dismissed by our physicality and the pretense of the norm takes over. We deny our spirit through disconnecting from it and we begin the illusion of the social programming. The madness begins.

Fortunately when this illusion is discovered, it becomes the opportunity to experience a rebirth and get out of the box. We experience the rebirth of our true self and regain the power to be who we really are.  The purpose of this short narrative is to provide the information, for anyone to begin the reconnection process or reinforce if it already begun. So you can find the key to your emotional balance. For me it was like a rebirth, it can be the same for you or through your own interpretation and integration of all you are.  As soon as you discover who you are, have been, and always will be, your life purpose will unfold before you. The madness ends. The joy begins.

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