I am originally from Peru, Raul Gordillo, I came to Florida back in the 80’s to be part of the American dream, instead I ended up creating a nightmare. About fifteen years ago, I had an awakening experience where all that I had done did not make sense any longer. It was an impacting experience and through it my psychological make-up and mind-set shifted and finally I knew what to do to with this life of fine. I had gone through an internal transformation.

I was consciously awake and had begun the process of being aware that I could determine my destiny by the decisions and choices I made. I went back to school, received a BS in Social Psychology and I was employed by Broward County Human Services as a counselor. I was in heaven, continued my education, received a doctorate in Psychology, all the certifications required for the addiction field, became a program supervisor as well as developed my private practice and other personal endeavors related to the metaphysical field.

 As I said at the beginning it has been fifteen years, it sounds like a professional fairy tale, well, it was not that simple. It took me some time to ascertain that my awareness was an ongoing transformational process. My professional life became interconnected with my personal life, I worked on all emotional triggers, old behaviors and continued releasing my traumatic issues from childhood. The awakening is the easy part, but I needed to make a commitment, which I did, realizing that life happens in the moment and there is no destination, it is a journey. Understanding the social conditioning, the duality in which we live, and learning how to balance it all out became my life quest.

Accepting the ongoing process, I came up with my own interpretation of it and named it, Transformational Awareness (Tr. A). It has been a true transformational awareness to recognize the human task to center myself each and every moment to make the most beneficial decisions and choices to create joy in my life as I live in the now. I have been able to support many people in their own awakening and their discovery of self-awareness. Supporting myself to stay aware and others has become my life purpose.

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  1. I also had an awakening experience when I was a young man. I dreamed about a series of events, and right after I woke up those events really happened, they simply unfolded before my eyes. Since then I’ve come to believe in a Superior Intelligence that guides us, supports us in this world. God bless you!

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