Logo IIITransformational Awareness is a premise for a healthy and balanced way of life. The discovery of self-awareness will allow you to realize that you are able to manage your thoughts and not the other way around. Self-awareness will ignite the shift within your psychological make-up through a psycho-educational process that involves self-acceptance, ignites eagerness for knowledge, promotes recognition of what you are beyond your mind and body and motivates you to make the necessary changes to enhance your life over all.

 The reactionary mind based on the duality we all learned via the social conditioning will gradually dissolve as you realize that you are negative and positive and centering yourself is the purpose of your awareness. You learn how to respond instead of reacting. You are in charge of what you think; therefore, your emotions, feelings and behaviors are choices you make from a balanced perspective. Your awareness begins from within you, your perceptions become centered within the duality in which we live and you grasp the reality that there is neither good nor bad, there are simply consequences and benefits. By practicing Transformational Awareness you learn from the consequences and turn them around to be tools to reinforce your psychological growth.

Centering yourself will shift your mind-set from the past and the future to the present, you will learn that the now is all there is. Managing your thoughts will replace stress created by the constant ups and downs with a sense of challenge in your life that results in satisfaction and joy. I have experienced the benefits of self-awareness and helped many others to do the same. I have been in the psychological field for over fifteen years; I earned a BS in Social Psychology at Florida Atlantic University and proceeded to earn a doctorate in psychology. I have worked in the mental health and addiction field with all age groups in English and Spanish. I am a certified addiction and mental health professional. My journey has been one of true transformational awareness. My purpose is to stay alert in the now maintaining self-awareness and supporting others do the same.

  1. mina said:

    Would love to receive your future posts!

    • ragoher said:

      I have been without internet for a while. I am back on track. I appreciate your support. Have a great evening. Raul

    • ragoher said:

      Just published one on abundance.

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